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Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Keyboarder/DJ/Producer/Arranger/Sounddesigner/VJGenres:Darkcore / Rock / Metal / Electronica / OtherKadananka is a musician, songwriter, keyboarder, guitarist and sound designer. His music goes beyond Darkcore, rock, metal, electronic and soulful sounds even quieter.Born in 1959, Kadananka, also known as Andy, made in 1964, his first piano experience. Brought up by his uncle to the music he first learned flute, sang in the school choir and was in 1975, the first experiences with the acoustic guitar. His bias of the artistically gifted family had him set up his own in 1971, a school band. Cover songs have been played, went to Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, and interest in other instruments constantly.Harmonica, keyboards and electric organ were added and the heavy metal band "Tindale's Creek" was born. Through this experience he learned the industry precisely devoted to the synthesizer, the band broke up and decided to concentrate on music and production studio.On a biker meeting 1988, by chance, did the name "Kadananka", followed by samples and loops via MIDI master keyboard, then electric guitar with digitizing converters own compositions with loops, samples and store-bought samples.Since 1994, the music is created on a PC with a variety of VST and software products since 2008 and is Kadananka online.Reverbnation is just one example of his success on the Internet, chart positions are filled and it is his music beyond the borders of the Internet radio played in America.The music ranges from rock, metal is about to electronica soundtrack, and the goal is to reach all areas of media production.


Andy a.k.a. KADANANKA

I'm a vocalist for kadananka and... I'm 35 years old, a proud mother and a passionate singer & amateur photographer. Since 5 years I live here in tenerife and I enjoy it. There's no better place to let the things flow. I got a chance to make music and send messages of happiness, peace, love sadness and passion around the world. For me there's no better way to do it. My Motto: Make love and music - not death and war!!!

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